What Is Milk Paint And Why You Should Use It?

If you haven’t heard about milk paint before, we must tell you – you have been missing out big time! This paint is perfect for you and to see why just read this article! Also, remember that not only that we can help you learn more about milk paint, but you can also order it on our web store and get it delivered in two days max! So, here is what is so special about milk paint!

Toxicity Of Paint

As you know, paint is often toxic. However, not milk paint it isn’t! It is one awesome paint that will allow you to paint your home over and over again without ever having to worry about your health! In addition to that, it is a water-based paint.


In other words, this paint is not so much paint, as it could be an edible milkshake, being made of milk, lime, and preservatives. Still, you should not drink it or eat it, but all-natural ingredients are safe for your home and non-toxic.

The Price

The price of all-natural paint can be at times a bit higher, due to the costs of production. In other words, oil base paints, as well as acrylic paints, are made in large quantities with the help of cheap petrochemicals which results in low quality, but also low-cost paints.

If you are on the other hand interested in buying a high-quality paint with the all-natural ingredients, the cost is higher because milk paint cannot be pre-mixed or mixed in large quantities with the use of various chemicals.

The Up Sides

On the other hand, there are numerous benefits of using milk paint. So, first of all, it is as we have mentioned not threatening to your health, which is very important. Especially in the case of exposing young children or sensitive persons to paint. Also, it is quite possible to make the mixture on your own! We would be glad to share some milk paint recipes, and in return, you can write us about your experiences with milk paint!