Wood Finishing – One Last Touch To Make That Wood Awesome

The wooden surfaces are especially amazing to have around because they ooze the authenticity and quality. In most cases, however, having wooden surfaces in your home also means a lot of hard work. To keep your wooden furniture or surfaces amazing, what they need after each home improvement project or DIY intervention is lasting and good wood finishing products. Learn more about wood finishing here and finishing products that will make your wood stand out.

What Is Finishing?

The finishing is the final and last step in making your wood surfaces ready for usage and making them last the test of time. For wood to be able to last for a longer period it must not be left to its own devices, but rather treated with some of the following: evaporative finish, reactive finish or coalescing finish.


Wax, for example, is an evaporative finish. This kind of finish will dissolve or form a soft paste and leave just a residue. Contrary to that, reactive finishes use spirits as a base, and those are namely oils. Such as linseed oil or tung oil, but also varnishes that have evaporative qualities. As for the water-based finishes, they belong to the coalescing category.

What Is In A Finishing?

Well, since there are many types of wood, there are also different types of finishes, but there is namely only two purposes why people use finishing techniques. First of all, finishing will protect wood from unwanted decay or termites and secondly.


It will accentuate the beauty of wood and make it last longer. So, it is not just that finishing is necessary to accentuate the purely cosmetic part of the wood, but also to protect it from potential threats that may occur over time and usage.

The Finishing And The Appearance

The finishing will also give the wood a certain kind of visual appeal. So if you are looking for a certain kind of look, you will have to turn to a certain finishing. For example, using wax will give a dull or sheen polished surface, when nitrocellulose lacquer gives a good, but transparent gloss. Also, boiled linseed oil, which is commonly used will give a warm glow, but it will also darken with age. It is something to have in mind when using linseed oil for wood finishing.